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Fees and Services



Wedding Services and Fees


I will arrive approximately 30 minutes prior to the service.

Holidays are an additional fee.Please check with me to

see if the holiday you would like is an additional fee.

Elopement Package:  $150 and up

This is the choice for couples who want a quick, private wedding ceremony.
This is a simple, pre-written ceremony performed at your site of your choice.
No preliminary meetings or rehearsal is necessary.  Basic ceremony and filing of marriage 
license to the appropriate authorities. Religious or non-religious. 
 4 guest maximum.
You must provide your own witness. Elopements performed locally only


Vow Renewal:  $150 and up

A vow renewal is a ceremony in which an already-married couple re-affirms their love 
for one another and their commitment to their marriage by either repeating their 
original wedding vows, or by writing new vows to reflect their relationship as it
currently is. Many times, a renewal is held on a significant anniversary as part 
of the anniversary celebration. Or the desire to have a vow re-affirmation may
be brought on by the end of a hard time in the marriage, the overcoming of a personal
hurdle, a change in lifestyle, etc. Still others want a formal renewal ceremony
following a civil ceremony or elopement. This may be the only opportunity to have their 
commitment to one another blessed and/or witnessed and celebrated by their 
family and friends (usually when budget, pregnancy or other circumstances
warranted a small wedding). Because a vow renewal is not a legal ceremony, there are 
fewer do’s and don’ts than in a wedding ceremony. What is appropriate and meaningful to
each couple is different. Because it is so open-ended in its possibilities, couples should put
a little extra time and thought into what they want to say and do at their renewal.




Standard Package :  $250 and up

From the simple wedding to the elaborate wedding.
Together we can work out the wedding that is just for you. 

I have several pre-written services to choose from.
The wording is particularly beautiful and is popular with many couples 
and guests. We can also create a service that is unique to the bride and groom.
  Includes unlimited emails and telephone consultations and filing of the marriage license.




One extra hour of time:   $50

This extra hour is helpful if you are worried that your ceremony may not start on time,
or if you just want the extra peace of mind of having your Officiant arrive earlier than usual or stay later.
This extra hour may also be used to do a 30-minute rehearsal that takes place up to two hours
before the scheduled ceremony start time.




Witness :   $25

Depending on availability, I may be able to provide a witness for you if you do not have one. 



Photographer:   $100 and up

Depending on availability, I may be able to provide a photographer for you if you do not have one.

Please note that the fee listed is for the services of the photographer and not for the pictures themselves. 




Reservations and Retainer Fees

A retainer fee of $150.00 MUST be paid in advance and is required,
along with a signed contract, to book a date and time for a wedding. (retainer fee is applied toward total fee).

Elopement packages must be paid at time of booking, or the date is not reserved.

 Retainer fees are not refundable should the wedding be cancelled for any reason.
Payment in full is due one week prior to ceremony date.
If balance is not received one week before the wedding date then time and date reservations are 
cancelled and may be booked by other parties, without exception and without notice.
If you need to make partial payments, you may do so as long as you have paid in full one week
prior to ceremony date. Reservations made with less than 14 days remaining until the wedding 
require a 100% non-refundable payment. There is a $45 return check fee on all returned checks.

You may also make your payment by credit card online. Go to: www.paypal.com. 
There will be an additional $10 fee to cover costs associated with PayPal.
The retainer fee should be sent to: 

You will receive a notice (via mail or email if available) acknowledging the receipt 
of the retainer fee and confirming your date and time booking.



I reserve to right to refuse any request for a reservation and I further reserve the right to 
refuse to perform any service that I am not comfortable with, even though a reservation was accepted.
If a wedding service that has been reserved is not performed due to my refusal, then a refund shall be due in the same form received.


Late Fees

I will charge an additional $50 per half hour if I have to wait more than 30 minutes past the 
scheduled starting time of any ceremony. My ability to wait more than 30 minutes will be solely 
at my discretion. I may waive the late charge, at my discretion. No refund will be given if I am not
able to perform the ceremony because of any delays within the stipulated time period.



Cancellation Fees

2 weeks or more prior to wedding                                Amount of Retainer

1 week to 2 weeks prior to wedding            Amount of Retainer plus 10% total fee

48 hrs to 1 week prior to wedding            Amount of Retainer plus 50% of total fee

Less than 48 hrs prior to wedding                                           Total Fee

Cancellation of Elopement                                                     Total Fee 



Other Options for Your Wedding

Copy of the wedding ceremony on parchment paper to file with your wedding keepsakes:  $15
Marriage certificate suitable for framing (frame not included):   $15

(These will be mailed to you within 30 days of the service)


Please note any changes made after the contract is signed must be paid for in

advance of the wedding ceremony or the service will not be performed.




Please contact me 
 if there are any questions or if you want to discuss possible extenuating 
circumstances that we might be able to work around!





 If you would like to pay the entire amount by Pay Pal,

Please email us with the email address, your name, and wedding date and an invoice will be sent to you.



* I reserve the right to make changes to any prices or services offered at any time.


Please contact I Thee Wed Place
Rev. Colinda K. Abner