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My Wedding Services

The focus of the wedding is on YOU, the BRIDE and GROOM or Wedding Couple.


As the wedding minister or wedding "officiant," I act as a director or choreographer of a wonderful, happy

celebration of love and commitment. Since it is YOUR wedding, it should include all the aspects of ceremony and celebration

that are meaningful to you. It can be as traditional or as personal and customized as you wish .

I consult with each couple ahead of time . Each couple chooses the order of service and the various personal aspects

of the ceremony they want included.

Most people who contact me today are interested in having their wedding ceremony in a location other than a church.

Weddings can be performed in gardens, hotels, golf courses, private estates, beaches, and other places.

I like to point out that Adam and Eve got "married" in a garden (the Garden of Eden).



 I have a very strong personal faith in God. However, it is not my place to use the marriage ceremony

as a platform for my views. Instead, I concentrate my remarks on the wedding couple,

and ask everyone to focus on the things that bring us together and help love to grow.



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